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A part of California Youth and Government...it is the best delegation ever!! Everyone wants to join because it's amazing and those who "hate" it really are just jealous and want to join as well. CPY-ers wear bright purple sweatshirts with gold lettering and know how to yell at the top of their lungs. CPY-ers generally walk into rooms screaming and get everyone's attention. Culver Palms Family YMCA is where it's at!!
1. "OMG! Here comes CPY!!"
2. "Are you going to join CPY?" "Umm duh!"
3. "Ugh, I hate that stupid CPY...Westside/SAMO/El Dorado/etc all the way!" "Dude, you just want to be in it..." "Shut up!"
by Meadsterrrr March 08, 2009

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