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In ancient times this word referred to a strong female warrior, usually an absolute badass that was well respected and highly regarded (see: Lagertha).

Unfortunately the patriarchy runs so deep, over time men purposefully corrupted the true meaning of this word by using it in demeaning ways, such as in Yos example “Suzy can be such a virago during that time of the month”. A misuse of the word, intentionally stripping it of its strength, beauty, and integral respect that once belonged to female warriors who were seen as equals to men.

Women are badass. Viragos are badass. Any man who uses this word in a negative way is uneducated and doesn’t deserve to be in your presence.
She’s a six time Olympic gold medalist? What an absolute virago!

Sometimes when fighting for female rights and dismantling the patriarchy you need to channel your inner virago.

Women firefighter? Nah, virago. Women soldier? Nope - virago. Women police officers? - viragos. Lady paramedics? More like badass life saving viragos. A female CEO? You mean a goddamn virago? Female nurses - VIRAGOS! The list goes on.
by Mcnaynay June 26, 2020
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