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My Chemical Romance Fans...its a complete unit. An army. MCR have a completely unique sound & perspective compared to most of the bands in the whole rock 'scene' today. One which CANNOT be denied. MCR are there to make a difference. For the true fans, the kids that are just like them, instead of fame & money - FACT. Yes some of the 'fans' are posers. But the ones that matter are in it for MCR. Nothing more. Nothing less. Because MCR saved our lives. Truly.
From the inside of MCR's 'Life on the Murder Scene' CD/DVD, to all My Chemical Romance Fans

"...and to the fans...this is for you. Thank you from the bottom of our black little hearts for staying so pure, so passionate and so strong. Your belief in us is immesurable and for that we love you eternally. xoxo -MCR "
by McR_forever August 06, 2006
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