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1) Means to joke or be joking.
2) Insighting humor in a conversation.
3) Completely and utterly not serious.

Derived from a political person who could not be taken seriously. Such statements as "Vote for me and receive a years supply of ham." Is something Nader presented.
X: "I eat babies"
Y: "Really?"
X: "No, I'm just nadering"
by Mc1brew April 18, 2005
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.com is an instaneous response to cap off a sentence or other statement. It should be used in everyday conversation in part with other such statements like a billion or eat babies even your mom
X: "I had pork last night."
Y: ".com!"
X: "What are you doing later?"
Y: "Eating babies.com!"
X: "How many would you like?"
Y: "A billion!"
X: "No .com?"
Y: ".COM!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by Mc1brew April 18, 2005
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