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A cell phone text message, typically short in length by nature, that is longer than typical text message and sent from a smartphone user (iPhone, Blackberry, etc) to a regular cell-phone user. The regular cell phone will cut up the message into smaller sizes that it can process and load them sequentially in the recipient's inbox. Depending on the # of sections the SMeSsay is cut up into defines the type - for example, if the SMeSsay is cut into five smaller subsections, it would be an Expository SMeSsay.
(a series of chimes indicating the receipt of several texts into the owners cell phone)

Cell phone user: Whoa, my phone is blowing up!
Friend: Who is it?
Cell Phone User: Aw, never mind, it's just another SMeSsay from Jesse again - he thinks he's so cool with that new iPhone!
Friend: Do I sense a tinge of jealousy, or has the the cramp from T9 texting made you a little cranky?
by MayorJesse June 21, 2010
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