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Boyfriend Theory of Relativity is a PUA term where the PUA once confronted with his Targets admission that she has a Boyfriend must determine through questioning in a friendly and non devaluing way to the Boyfriend the relativity of the Boyfriend in the targets relationship.

The idea is to determine if a healthy Boyfriend / Girlfriend relationship exists. The idea is to ask open ended questions allowing the target to give information concerning the relationship. The PUA can then determine if the relationship is in poor condition and that he can convey higher value thus attracting the interest of the target, or if the relationship is healthy and unassailable he should then move on to a new target.

It is natural for a woman to be reluctant to move out of one relationship unless there is hope of another relationship close at hand, and so this theory is designed to determine the health of a Boyfriend / Girlfriend relationship and work to displace the Boyfriend if the relationship is unhealthy.
Jennifer is hoot but said she has a boyfriend....I am going to use the Boyfriend Theory of Relativity on her to see if she is ready to move on out of that relationship.
by Mayhem Burns December 28, 2011

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A Manpack is a Man worn by a Woman as a living backpack. Often seen at a Bar or nightclub an attractive woman may be observed with a man usually less attractive standing behind the woman with arms around her, or casually drapped over her shoulder in a "This belongs to me, and I am keeping it!" sort of way.
I would like to ask that Hot Babe to dance but we got to pry that Manpack off her first.....too much dead weight.
by Mayhem Burns December 28, 2011

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