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He's trans, smokes weed and has a big dick. Doesn't like to be called straight because he's into females. Hates children and is suicidal.
Ugh, Devyn wont hang out with me
by MaybeIwillMaybeIwont August 06, 2018

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The best musical to ever be featured on Broadway.
Dude ima go get some tickets for Hamilton
by MaybeIwillMaybeIwont June 01, 2018

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Sex with your wife or girlfriend while watching Vines.
Husband:I wanna do a clocking in tonight babe
by MaybeIwillMaybeIwont May 29, 2018

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A shitty way of saying “Ginger”
Hey, could you get me some “Jindger?”
by MaybeIwillMaybeIwont May 26, 2019

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It's Just Boom,No inside joke involved here
by MaybeIwillMaybeIwont June 11, 2018

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