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A prostitute or a chick who dresses/acts like one. Can also be used to refer to the granny stick while playing pool.

Pronounce it:
BUJ'ari (roll the 'r' a bit); spit the word out, i.e. say it with disdain and preferably with a dirty look on your face.

From the various dialects of the Tamil language.
Hey, you wanna go for coffee? We can check out the fucking bajaris at Commerce Place!
by Mattmo September 21, 2006

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Slang for a mechanical bridge. Used in in the game of pool to make difficult to reach shots. Often used by pussies to make shots easier. You will generally be made fun of for using one unless you are a professional player making a legitimate shot.
Guy1: Can you pass me the granny stick, this is a tricky shot.
Guy2: Haha! do you want me to hold your dick while you piss too??
by Mattmo September 21, 2006

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