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The state existing when two heterosexual people of opposite gender are "just friends" with Member A wishing to be "more than just friends", while Member B wishes to remain "just friends." In this situation, the Member A is said to be in the "Friend Zone."

Member A is often the male, but female examples are not unheard of. Male Member A's are often timid and shy, whereas female Member A's are often just ugly.

When neither member of the heterosexual platonic couple wishes to be "more than just friends", the concept of the Friend Zone loses much of it's meaning.
Member A (Male): Hey, I'm gonna always hang around you and complement you in a nonthreatening way and never make a move. You'll eventually love me and let me out of the friend zone. Aaaany day now...

Member A (Female): Hey, can I suck your dick? No? It's because i'm fat and ugly, you say? Oh...
by MatthiasVargas August 25, 2010

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