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An extremely chaotic style of music which combines many genres, notable hardcore and metal. The bands may consist of a typical four piece unit (vocalist, guitarist, bassist, drummer), although some include keyboards and samples. The vocals are almost always screaming, and singing is very uncommon, if used at all. The time signatures, tempos, and key signatures used are often very random, and many bands in the genre are known for purposefully not keeping time. The guitar and bass are often very distorted and downtuned. All instruments usually have very random parts which usually do not use any rules of musical theory. The lyrics and song titles are also very random and usually do not make sense. A very popular way to identify these bands is by their song lengths, as they are usually approximately 1 min or less.
Anal Cunt, The Locust, Napalm Death, Fuck the Facts, Pig Destroyer, Swarrrm.
by MatthewK August 09, 2005

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