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A television show on the Spike television network featuring lifted footage from the Japanese TV show Takeshi's Castle. In the original Japanese version, a huge group of players would begin the show with the General (now referred to as the Captain) and would storm down a hill to the first activity, which would usually about halve the group. Then, through all the various following games which are MXC's main programming, more and more would be eliminated until there were maybe just a few people left. Whoever was left would storm Takeshi (who on MXC has become Vic Romano) and would engage in a go-kart-tank laser battle for victory. Takeshi is often seen posing in his tank at the end of MXC. Very few people ever actually won the game show.

Incidentally, Takeshi had a video game made after him that had virtually nothing to do with either his show or himself, and in fact is supposedly impossible to beat. Takeshi supposedly hated video games.
I was watching MXC with my roommate and spilled my soda laughing when this one guy busted his nuts on the dough-roller things.
by Matt A-W June 21, 2006

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