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A CDJ is a compact disc turntable that works like a record player. A good CD turntable is usually touch sensitive on the top so the music will stop with the slightest touch. The Stanton C304 and Pioneer 800 / 1000 will then allow you to "scratch your record." It has a pitch slider that usually has a range of +/- 8,16,25 and 100. It's almost as difficult to match and mix a record on a CDJ with the exception that tone loss is minimal. Most CDJs also have 4 or so memory points as well as a cue memory, a sampler and a loop function (if the CDJ is any good). Most of the big name trance acts today will use CDJ's as opposed to records as clubs move more towards CDJ's from turntables.
My set up uses two Stanton C304 CDJ's, two tech 1200 mk5's, and an Allen and Heath xone 92 mixer.
by Matt Richard September 16, 2006
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