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klam-uh-flahzh - Noun, adjective, -ed

term used to describe any concealment by means that alters or obscures apparancy pertaining to an object or item of smaller size from it's sought out location into the unforeseen region of the female's member a.k.a: the relative space of her 'clam' and lap region. Clamouflage usually takes place in the car while driving, or in a seated position. An object becomes clamoflage upon resurfacing. these Items can also remain obscurred from the person for the duration of the drive until they leave their seat and/ or be momentarily missing.

Most commonly clamouflaged items are usually such as:

lighter, cell phone, straggling french fries, temporary parking permits, car keys, something you wish you had before after or during driving, ect.
"I was startled at first when you called me just now, i couldn't find my phone anywhere in my car until i felt it vibrating in my crotch, total clamouflage"

Here in this instance the phone is the object that became clamouflage(d)

Poor Audrey was positive she had looked thoroughly and after some time looking had given up on finding her lighter that was the only source of fire to the cigarrette she was craving all day, she almost shit a brick when upon arriving to her destination realizing only after stepping out of the car, availing to seethe her furthermore, sure enough there the lighter lay in the crack of the driver's seat- was beneath her the entire time.

In this instance lighter became clamouflaged or can be imperfectly called clamouflage (slang)
by Master Distractor August 28, 2010

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