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Two parts Vodka, two parts Sangria, six oranges, sliced, one Donkey.
'Sup, Nick? Dis Donkey Punch gotta Mule kick to it!
by Master Cylinder December 15, 2003
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Charlotte: (v) The action of excreting invisible fluids on a Noun (person place or thing) when excited and or in peril. (B) A practice or state of dominance in which a person loud speaks the verb and then proceeds to touch anything and everything in sight. Very offending in lower-class facilities, though highly accepted as a normal practice in highschools. Often used with the suffix -ing- or -ed-
Fark! I have just been charlotted on.

No! Stop charlotting on me, go charlotte somewhere else you Charlotter.
by Master Cylinder June 07, 2005
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