1 definition by Maskarevomai

1) A rather crude yet inexpensive and satisfactory manner of manufacturing various products.

2) The engineering of unorthodox and inexpensive but nonetheless functional solutions to damaged products of any kind often carried out utilizing atypical components.
Example(1): An Olympic Barbell and weightlifting platform consisting of precisely cut and measured stone discs (with holes in the center of course) encased with duct tape in the remnants of a discarded mattress loaded onto a long PVC pipe and lifted on a platform consisting of layers of cheap concrete mix and free pebbles with relatively inexpensive (preferably free) rubber mats. Whereas Elikio sells a "competition set with platform" for a price in excess of $10,000 the nigger rigged version can be manufactured for less than $100 and works just the same.

Example(2): Fixing your own car with various household items such as electrical tape as opposed to paying a mechanic five hundred to several thousand dollars for performing repairs that are possible to engineer with household items and a price tag of less than $50
by Maskarevomai March 27, 2010
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