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The appropriate mate for bridezilla, groomzilla is a combination of groom and godzilla, and describes an unreasonably demanding groom. Groomzillas rarely express themselves over the small details of the wedding ceremony and reception, preferring instead to force family members into uncomfortable situations or make vague general statements his bride must extrapolate from.

Groomzilla's attacks are often seen by his bride to be personal attacks on her, her ability to get along with her future in-laws, and her ability to plan a wedding.

This term is most often seen on wedding-related media, especially chat boards.
OMG, I can't believe my groomzilla wants me to spend six whole hours talking to his mother!

Groomzilla was last seen terrorizing Tokyo and demanding unreasonably-priced things for his small-budget wedding.
by Maryilee January 22, 2009
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