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The kind of love that spreads out like a shotgun. Pertaining to the way in which you flirt or attract others. So instead of having only one shot, like you would with a rifle, your love is scattered affecting everything in it's blast radius hopefully giving you more options for success.
There you go again Martles with that shotgun love of yours.

Sure I was hitting on that girl earlier, but I'm talking to you now. It's what I like to call shotgun love.
by Martles the Great February 03, 2010

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To "Shoehorn" is the ability and occasional obligation to assist a friend in charming and seducing a girl of their choosing.

A "Shoehorn" is the exact opposite of a "Cock Block". Rather than steal or discourage his/her girl you do your fucking best to get him/her a piece of that ass.
Seriously man I need this. Can you please shoehorn me this time?
by Martles the Great February 12, 2009

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