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Quizilla is a site for quizzes that has now recently been mostly inhabited by psychotic fangirls. The majority of the site has now been taken up by fanfics such as "HW FR WUD HARRY POTTER GO WIT U?11?!!1ONE" or "*~Frank iero & YOU!1 (OMGROFLLAWL LEMONZZ!!!11ONE)~*

Not all of the site's fanfiction is bad, some of the writers are actually quite dedicated and often put time and effort into their stories, whether or not they are fanfiction. But the most of it has become a sick competition to get your story on the "Most popular" or "Highest rated" list. Out of all the crap, it's hard to find an actually good original story or fanfiction. But if you're lucky, there is a chance that you may find some good stuff.
& RocketMuffin
Are good writers on Quizilla. 78% of the others on the site, are NOT.
by Marleigh January 19, 2007
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