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Used to describe homeless black men around major metropolitian cities.
Chad: You think we can stop at the gas station? I'm thirsty.
Melissa: Sure thing.
Chad: OMG! It's a Nigger Joe!
Melissa: That's a homeless man, Chad.
Chad: Nope. A Nigger Joe.
by Mark Louis Webb August 10, 2010
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word used to describe someone whose name you don't want to say out loud, for someone you feel contempt for or someone who you find to be worthless and a waste of good oxygen.
Tony G: I really need help with this equipment.
Jim C: I know a guy, but he works for that twizzledick. The job up the street.
Tony G: ??

Tony G: Oh, you mean Bruce?
Jim C: That's him.
Tony G: You're right, he is. I'll give that twizzledick a call.
by Mark Louis Webb January 07, 2011
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A catchall phrase used in the presense of easily offended persons to describe someone without using an expletive, or a word to describe someone whose name you don't want to mention. Usually used to describe persons of color.
Priest: Bless you my son.
Brian: I watched the news last night and hoochiedink was talking about reforms again.
Brian: Obama.
Priest: Oh. Hmmmmm.

JimJim: I have to work with hoochiedink again.
Donnie: That's a shame. He doesn't do anything.
JimJim: Lucky me.
by Mark Louis webb August 13, 2010
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