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The most idiotic pairing in the show.
This fandom is based solely on Orihime's unrequirited feelings towards ichigo.

In fact half of the fans tend to base their arguments in the size of Orihime's breasts and the fact that she and Ichigo have orange hair, they also over react to any scene where Ichigo shows some kind of affection towards Orihime even if it's the same kind of affection he holds for his other friends like Ishida or Chad.

Also lately the Ichihime fans have started with what I believe is the dumbest way of making their fave pairing look better, which is to Bash Ichiruki with an argument that it causes super-herpes which is only a lame way to say Ichihime is good (but it isn't)
In the end even if Ichiruki does not become canon (because in the end bleach is a shonen) it will always be more possible to happen that Ichihime because Ichigo doesn't have romantic feelings towards Orihime nor has he hinted so, and despite the fact that he fights so much with Rukia he's said several times that she changed his world and is shown to be more desperate and concerned about her than he is about other characters whenever she's hurt or in danger. Orihime doesn't love him completely

Half the people who like Ichihime are crybabies who don't really seem to be able to handle the truth and go on and on about how Ichiruki shippers or people with common sense badmouth them.
Ichihime fan: Oh my that's sooo gross anyone who likes Ichiruki has Super-herpes like Imean Ichigo doesnt like Rukia because Inoue's boobs are bigger.

Ichiruki fan: you do realize that whether you like or not someone is not only based on their looks

Ichihime fan: *screeches*You're only jealous cuz you have the super herpesand you're ugly and at least Ichihime has had a sort of romantic scene!

Ichiruki fan: Yah right though it was terribly one sided, I mean come on the guy wasn't even awake, and even though they don't flaunt it you can see that Ichigo and Rukia care A whole lot for each other
by MarieSwannn13 February 22, 2012
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