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An interactive form of public speaking patented in Canada.
The meeting was super boring until this bloke spoke and involved everybody; a true example of Haendemith public speaking.
by Marek Deschi June 23, 2008

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This is a mildly humorous indicator for a German of Polish extraction, although the expression has also been heard in North America, indicating those of a more general Eastern European descent. Depending on the tone of speech, the word can be used neutrally, somewhat flattering or even somewhat condescending.
At that fancy restaurant, the server was a typical Deschi. He had that suave walk to him, a slightly reserved posture and a somewhat terse speech - but always courteous and friendly without acting overly subservient.
by Marek Deschi April 22, 2008

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Rather rude (Aesopian) indicator for a person of Negroid extraction. Comes from the joke: Why is it that wheelbarrows were invented in Africa? Answer: They were used to teach the natives to walk on their hind legs before being shipped to the Americas.
The room was filled with crackers and wheelbarrows. Or: watch out for that wheelbarrow, he looks like a tripod.
by Marek Deschi April 24, 2008

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