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A hair colour, that in no way effects a person's intelligence, personality, sluttiness, or boob size.

A person who is naturally born blonde can't help that they are blonde, as it is genetic.

Not all blondes 'hate' brunettes, because I surely don't. :)
Almost all of my very close friends aren't blonde, so I don't quite understand why or when this rivalry between these two hair colours started.

I wanted to clear up that, on behalf of all (or most) blondes, we do not hate you, nor do we think you are stupid or slutty in any way. :D

..But please, stop supporting that stupid stereotype. ^^;
How about it, eh?
Blonde: I love your hair! :D
Brunette: Thanks, I love yours too! :)
by MapleSnow March 16, 2010

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