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An entity that created Heaven and Earth. He is here in the room with you, and everywhere else. Many people blame him for the things that are happening in the world. In this world, Satan is in a constant battle with God. they are battling with your soul at this very moment. If you're blaming him for all the bad things happening, why arent you praising him for all the good things happening? God loves you so much that he gave his only son Jesus to die for us. Only a clean man can save the dirty. Noone else in the world has ever claimed to be A carnation of God, while being PERFECT from birth to death. He is living inside of you this very moment. You may ask, why can't i feel his love? You have to seek it. everyone has their own story to tell. Jesus also loves people who are gay, and are immoral but he will place justice upon them when the time comes. feel free to disagree, but what would you rather believe. Your own life that leads to nowhere, or a life that surpasses life on earth? The answer is obvious LOL but you may say there's no evidence. the evidence is all aroundyou. You just have to open your "eyes".
What can wash away your sin, bring the dead to life, and have unconditional love? JESUS MANEE. God loves you!!!
by Manwhoisnotthere May 18, 2011
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