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Remember "The Empires Strikes Back", in the begining of the movie on the snowy planet, they rode around on taun-tuans (see attached image).

When Luke was rescued from the snow monster by Han Solo, Han took his lightsabre and sliced open the taun, reacted to the horrible stench and stuck luke inside said taun to keep him warm and alive that night. I think his line was somewhere along the lines of, "It smells horrible kid, but it'll keep you alive."

Well, a fat girl is the same thing. Stab it with your light sabre and it will keep you warm for the night. It stinks and you will feel dirty after being in it, and like luke you may end up suspended in a water filled tube. But it may save your life.
I got so drunk last night, that I woke up with a Taun in my bed!


This bar sucks its full of nothing but Tauns.
by Mantownian September 14, 2006
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