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Going down on a homeless girl.
Be careful when you eat street oyster, you can catch something.
by Manshoon February 19, 2008
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The sound a toilet makes when you take a very large dump. After flushing the toilet, it can not handle it and all the water runs out, the overworked crapper makes a coughing sound as it tries to pass your recent donation.
I was sitting in the stall this morning and the guy next to me must be eating too much brand. He flushed and the toilet coughed like it was dying, like an old man with TB.
by Manshoon July 13, 2009
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When you take a dump, then when done before you wipe you look down and you see a volcano reaching out of the water, like some majestic mountain in the south pacific.
"I must have eaten some bad bbq last night. This morning after taking my normal dump. I looked down and saw a Toilet Volcano, steam rising from the water. I reminded me of of the last time I was in Hawaii."
by Manshoon July 13, 2009
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