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A Laura is something that's almost impossible to define. Something exquisitely beautiful in a way that's beyond words. A person who's so brilliant you can't think of a way to describe. Someone who you can't know completely: changeable, quixotic and mercurial and yet also loyal; cautious and yet also incredibly daring. A Laura is something that maybe doesn't exist in the real world but communicates from some never never land, imprisoned by cruel fate; yet at the same time a Laura is the most real thing in the world. A Laura is something that's impossible to love and yet you are hopelessly in love with. If you ever find a Laura - don't let her go.
Philosopher: Logical positivism states that you can believe in what you see.
Real Person: Yeah, sure thing guv, but wait till you meet a LAURA. It's unbelievable fcol.
by Manhattan11 November 28, 2011
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