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The AFFA, also known as the Anti-FIFA and Fortnite association is a group that go around places in the world executing those who they believe don’t belong in a way of letting out anger they receive in FIFA. As of yet they have conquered one place and when close to ending.
“Yo Jeremy, I heard the AFFA are near our town.

Oh shit Tom, we better go hide in the attic until they’re gone. Hope they don’t find us.
by Manchester United December 02, 2019
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A motherfucker who sits under a tree thinking they are gonna win the champions league or the premier league.
My friend is a spurs' fan
by Manchester United December 14, 2018
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A lazy shit that doesn't turn up or is always late to places.
That slit didn't show up again today.
by Manchester United September 12, 2018
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