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The AFFA, also known as the Anti-FIFA and Fortnite association is a group that go around places in the world executing those who they believe don’t belong in a way of letting out anger they receive in FIFA. As of yet they have conquered one place and when close to ending.
“Yo Jeremy, I heard the AFFA are near our town.

“ Oh shit Tom, we better go hide in the attic until they’re gone. Hope they don’t find us.
by Manchester United December 02, 2019

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A motherfucker who sits under a tree thinking they are gonna win the champions league or the premier league.
My friend is a spurs' fan
by Manchester United December 14, 2018

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A lazy shit that doesn't turn up or is always late to places.
That slit didn't show up again today.
by Manchester United September 12, 2018

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