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If you have socks on it’s not gay, because you’re not committed to the act. But if no socks are on then it is gay because you are committed to it. But if the socks are comfortable, (fluffy, just nice feeling to the feet) then it automatically cancels out the rule.
The homie was upset about not getting head last night so John said fuck it I got socks on I’ll suck it! Did you guys hear about Greg the other day? He took it up the ass by 6 dudes that shits gay! Nah he had socks on so it’s okay because of the sock rule.
by Man of Coochie March 4, 2022
A white cracker that wants to be a jigaboo nigga
Josh : Whudup fam
Alex : Josh what the fuck are you doing
Josh : Shiii maen whad du you mean?
Alex : Stop being a Saltine Jigaboo, your a cracker dumbass.
by Man of Coochie November 23, 2022