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Somebody who overuses the word awesome and constantly refers to themselves as such but because they're so aswesome nobody cares.

Motto: Being awesome isn't easy, it's a way of life.

A Captain Awesome is awe inspiring and up there with heroes such as Chuck Norris.

Captains of Awesome can be male and female.
Sarah: OMG did you hear? Barney Stinson is suing Myspace for taking the name of what he calls everything around us!!

Bob: What?! Dude that's Chuck Norris...

Sarah: Oh well...Barney Stinson's better, he can kill two stones with one bird

Bob:...still Chuck Norris

Sarah: How can you tell them apart...they're both so AWESOME!

Amal:Not as awesome as me...in fact im so awesome i might change my name to Captain Awesome.
by Mallie_Allie November 11, 2009

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