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A character in Street Fighter, a series of video games by Capcom. In the games, Guile is a major in the US Air Force. According to Street Fighter II, he was born on 12/23/1960, he's 6'1" tall, weighs 191 lbs, has type-O blood, and his three-size is 49-32-35. Guile's most famous moves are Sonicboom and the Flash Kick (AKA Somersault Kick), and both were taught to him by Charlie, Guile's superior officer and friend in the US Air Force. In Street Fighter II (his 1st appearance)he abandons his wife & daughter to get revenge on M.Bison (Vega in the Japanese version) for killing Charlie in the Street Fighter Alpha series. In Street Fighter IV, Guile abandons his wife for a second time to search for Charlie, of whom he is convinced is still alive.
Guile has also been a character in an awful movie adaptation of Street Fighter II. He was portrayed by Jean-Claude Van Damme. In Street Fighter IV, he is voiced by Travis Willingham (better known as the voice of Colonel Roy Mustang on Fullmetal Alchemist).
Person 1: Guile rules.
Person 2: Oh please. Ryu is so much better.
Person 1: Want to fight about it?
Person 2: Actually, yeah.
by Major Guile December 10, 2008
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