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A county in Pennsylvania that people from there like to think is the wealthiest and most affluent with the best schools. This of course is completely untrue especially when you look at some elite counties outside of Philadelphia such as Montgomery and Upper Delaware county. These counties have home to some of the richest in the world, and the Main Line is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the US.

Bucks county is merely a satisfactory place to live, there are some nice house but they are cheap because the schools really aren't that great.

Schools on the mainline such as Lower Merion, Radnor, Conestoga, and Great Valley are some of the best schools in the country and each one has been declared a blue ribbon school multiple times.

Many SINGLE schools from Delaware County, Montgomery County, and Chester County are better than the whole Bucks County school district combined.

Oh and Bucks County sports teams are not good at all. Delco has some of the top football teams in the state, as well as Chester.
Chad: Hey man Bucks County is one of the wealthiest counties in PA to live.

Mike: ONE of the wealthiest but not the wealthiest by far. The only reason its even one of the wealthiest is because the other 60 counties below it are shitty and in the middle of nowhere. Chester, Delco, and Montgo are home some of Pennsylvania's premier Neighborhoods and Schools.
by Main Lines Finest March 09, 2011
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