2 definitions by Maezfats

When a heterosexual male deceives his homosexual friend's fag hag into making out with him by convincing her that you're gay. She does this because she thinks that making out with a gay man "doesn't count". This behavior can stretch to second base on occasion.
Cindy called me out for hagsploitation today after friending me on Facebook and realizing I'm straight. She had totally let me fondle her boobs last Saturday cause I was with gay Peter and she thought I was gay.
by Maezfats August 28, 2009
The homosexual wingman of a straight man. Bromos are better than bros as wingmen because they put women at ease without the ambiguity of the female wingman. Bromos often come replete with a gaggle of fag hags, which only adds to the advantages.
I was out with my bromo last night and two chicks made out with me at the same time saying it doesn't count as cheating on their boyfriends because I'm gay. I told them I was straight, but they said I was in denial. Awesome.
by Maezfats August 28, 2009