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currently being overrun by asians, mostly korean a-holes, impossible to drive around and residents think its the best city in the area, when in reality it has just as much crime thanks to neighboring pomona and rowland heights. Living in Diamond Bar gives you an opportunity to deal with neighbors that are generally unfriendly and don't want to be part of your life whatsoever. Its almost impossible to drive on Diamond bar blvd and arrive at your destination in a quick manner. The 57/60 interchange has bad traffic and causes a-hole commutors from other cities to drive through the city clogging up roads supposedly for RESIDENTS. The La county sherrif likes to rob the residents of their money by setting speed traps and pulling people over for no apparent reason. If you are looking at moving to diamond bar, don't! If you live in DB, time to move out while you can!!!
driving in asian city (diamond bar), dealing with LASD, horrible neighbors, rich a-holes, commuters that clog traffic
by Ma77hew92 January 07, 2010
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