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MTV, A television station which in the early 90s played a variety of music and had cartoon shows like Beavis and Butthead.

After 2000 or so MTV switched gears and began playing Over rated new age artist like Soulja Boy, Kate Perry, My Chemical Romance, Fallout Boy. Etc.

MTV focuses mainly on a new Genre of rap being defined as "Snap Rap" and also focuses on a new Genre of pop being defined as "Prep Pop". Aside from the music it plays MTV is known for its reality shows like Real Word, Laguna Beach, Viva La Bam and so on. All of the shows defined as Reality TV are in short a hidden truth of the dumbed down American Society, caring for nothing other then flashy clothes, boyfriends, baby mama drama and flying off the handle over simple matters.

MTV is having a huge impact on future generations, such an impact that the children of the future are turning out just like the "Reality" stars they see on TV, ignorant, dumb, abuse drugs, flys off handle over spilt milk etc.

The next generation will be a terrible place to be born, the 90s generation was bad with gang violence and drug trafficking but the next generation will be focused on drug abuse and violence against parents for not buying them new clothes. MTV is generation baby boomers and parent haters.

Most real music has been slain by this network, any modern day radio station will demonstrate the absolute rape of American Music.
Girl: omg i saw laguna beach last nite on MTV and lyke omg i cant believe she got chillie thrown on her shoes by her mom omggg id kill my mom..

Logical Person: Who the fuck cares?
by MTV is bad August 03, 2010
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