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Bota (n.)- The coolest guy in the room. He could be the skinniest, shortest, little guy in there, but he can out-talk, our-smart, and out-perform anybody. He’s at least okay at anything he does and feels like it’s no big thing. He’s the guy everyone and no one wants to be. If you fall in love with him, nobody will blame you, but don’t expect him to notice. He doesn’t know what Love feels like, so you have to really want him to be persistent enough to get him. He can cook you whatever you want, as long as it’s not a well done steak. He loves to play games, just not with your heart. If his seemingly infinite knowledge of music doesn’t impress the ladies, then his easy smile and fuck-all attitude will put those bitches to bed.
Stacy: “Who’s that guy over there downing drinks and singing like Jim Morrison?”
Jessica: “That’s Bota.”

Tanner: “Dude, that’s like his 17th double shot of Goose and he still hasn’t missed a trivia question.”
Darryl: “That’s so Bota.”
by MSPC February 02, 2020

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