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The act of eating a lot of fiber, then later during the night when all of the food is digested, your ass starts to rip farts out without you noticing, then once you leave the room after about 30 mins from constant ass ripping and you walk back in, you get a nose bleed from all the toxic build up being released into your face (may burn eyebrows)
DAMN! dude that Room Linger of yours just about made me die, calm down on the beans
by MSMA October 26, 2011
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Where you anal fuck someone so hard that they get carpet burn on their ass from your pubes
"Hey Michelle, I just got Ram Assed from that dude over there"
by MSMA October 22, 2011
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The mutated/evolved species of the pubic lice other known as "crabs"
I didn't get rid of the crabs in time, now there are lobsters infesting my crotch
by MSMA December 07, 2011
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A large turd referring to a large mythical "sea-monster", The Kraken tends to clog the toilet so bad that a plunger is futile as the turds ridges gets caught in the pipe
Dude, sorry to tell you but i just released the Kraken in your toilet. Your Toilet should see a therapist ASAP
by MSMA December 07, 2011
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