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Hayley is the hottest girl around. She has gorgeous long hair, a banging body, and a personality to match it all. She has the most stunning and sexy eyes that you could look into for hours, and hair that every girl is envious of. Hayley has big, perky boobs and a round, voluptuous butt that every guy drools over. When Hayley walks down the street, every one stops to stare at her incredible beauty and hottness. When someone approaches a Hayley, they realize that her beauty is even more in her heart. Hayley is the kindest and most caring person one can meet. But she still has a feisty side, and loves to tell jokes and be sarcastic. This feisty and wild side comes out in the bedroom more than anywhere else. Hayley is the best sex partner you will EVER have in bed. She loves sex and will go all night long, and keep you going late into the morning. Every man dreams of a Hayley. Hayley is the best thing that will have happened to you, if you're lucky enough to get her.
Guy: "Whoa did you just see that chick walk by?"

Guy2: "Yeah dude, she must've been a Hayley."

Guy: "Why's that?"

Guy2: "Her ass, tits, body... all of it! She must've been a Hayley."
by MR.GQ145673 February 27, 2012

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