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Cells that maintain the ability to replicate them selves as well as form other cells of the body.
Two major classificiations exist; embyronic stem cells which are totipotent or pluripotent and can make any cell of the organisms body and adult or tissue specific stem cells which are multipotent and can produce only a limited range of cell types.
Often confused by the laymen and stupid right-wing politicians as tiny little babys but really more similar to dandruff than babys.
Maybe if we said that some gay french muslims were using diabetes and parkinsons to terrorize christian evangeslists he would athorize 200 billion dollars and 2000 cell lines (or paa-tench-al persons 4 u Dubs), (though at 50 trillion cells per dead GI we should really get around 100'000 trillion stem cells)
by MJAGM September 19, 2005
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Panties made for a Man ("MAN"ties).

Descernable from the ubiquitious tighty whities in; ONE- rarely found in white, other colours dominating (eg. Blue, yellow, orange); Two- Lacking in the upside down "Y" slot used for peeing without removal of the garment (though for the life of me I cannot understand why someone would bend it that way); Three- "scrunchy-like" waist and leg bands, not exterior elastic bands.
Well sir, if your looking for relaxed, boxers; support, briefs; but if you just have to feel pretty i would suggest the manties.
by MJAGM September 19, 2005
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A pussy (by which I mean George Bush Jr.)
man I thought Bush was just an asshole, but he didn't even go to Vietnam when ordered, what a pussy!
by MJAGM September 19, 2005
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