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Lizeth is usually a quiet (maybe she'll talk once in a while) girl who focuses on her studies or tasks. She's a kind girl with big dreams, although she doesn't reveal much on the outside, she becomes an amazing friend to have once you get to know her, she laugh with you, make those little inside jokes, and much more. If she gets angry at you, she'll probably hold a grudge against you (depending on what you did to her) but if you apologize, she will forgive easily if you're her friend. Whenever Lizeth is sad, the best thing you can do for her is just give her some time to herself and then later on, just try the best you can do to cheer her up. Lizeth is an amazing girl and that's something you never have to forget :)
Oml, Lizeth just got me a great gift, she's the best!

Yeah I know right? She's so thoughtful!
by MJ.0515 November 21, 2019

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