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Soft, like room temperature butter. Is definitely not good at gentleman bets. Very Fragile... Sucks at Thursday night dishes. Plays instruments decently well, but Mel sounds so much better!!!!!!
(1) Don't be a Jason Kaplan out on the field, we need you at the end of the season.
(2) You are acting like a Jason Kaplan, man up!!!!!!!
(3) The band sounded great tonight, but you were outshined like your name is Jason Kaplan or something!!!!
(4) If you ever want to see your friends you better listen to Nae Nae on Thursday nights, don't pull a Jason Kaplan!!!!!
(5) If you make a gentleman bet you should pay up, im sick of this Jason Kaplan Crap!!!!
by MING DYNASTY October 22, 2019

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