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A small dead-end town full of nothing much more but kids who are rich boat enthusiasts, wannabe classical musicians, and LAX bros. People here are usually just privileged idiots who can't carry a proper conversation with a decent person without being a douche bag at some point. Honestly, as human beings there is nothing that special about Duxbury residents. Instead of using their money and learning for the sake of learning and actual betterment, DEluxbury kids just let their parents pick what they do after school just to seem diverse and well-rounded for the colleges.
Typical Duxbury high schooler: "Oh my god is that violin made of Tigerwood?! Once I played a guitar made of tigerwood while going on tour with this new band, which you probably never heard of because you're musically retarded... But yeah, I love the sound of a F major chord...Have you ever heard of the band Fish? Oh yeah you have no talent nevermind... I failed my math midterm but thats okay, because I'm the best trumpet player ever."
by MIDSMAN January 26, 2011

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