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One of the best bands of our generation.
The bandmates are the very attractive, Andrew VanwynGarden and Ben Goldwasser.
Andrew and Ben are seen as these 2 pot heads, who make weird music and music videos.
But, these two are actually quite intelligent and funny individuals who make psychedelic yet beautiful music.

Most people know their hits, Kids, Time to Pretend and Electric feel, but they've made so many more beautiful songs its crazy.

Andrew Vanwyngarden is one of the most sexiest man alive, his wit, intelligence, musical excellence and humor makes him even more likable. Oh and his headbands are amazing.

Ben Goldwasser is quite attractive too. He's a musical genius, his voice is super cute, and just is super likable all around. Ben is intriguing, and really calm and cool.
I freaking love MGMT.
by MGMT!!!! December 28, 2010
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