2 definitions by MFoxManVA

When some dumbass says this instead of speak to sound either intellectual or a failed attempt at comedy in a usually normal sentences
"Speaketh upon me with your glorious language"
"Don't be like that go away"
by MFoxManVA November 27, 2017
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Some shitty rapper on YouTube and SoundCloud. Born in a subway and risen by a family of feral bassoons, he emerged to the world when the time was right as the one true king of subway. Will his tyranny over milk duds ever come to an end? Is it true he is the only Shulk main in this universe???? Holds a tyrannical reign over not just milk duds and subway, but also over what was once the great Lukas's domain until his power died when his content ceased. tremble in fear as this shitty rapper bassoons your bitch right in front of you right in the vegan.

(Needs to make internet idiocracy consistently)

He exists check SN network on YouTube screw off site moderators
guy 1 "Shit there is that vegan bassoon, hide your children , hide your girl, and you subway alike he comes again."

guy 2 "no corner of soundcloud or YouTube is safe. run while you still can"

guy 3 " vegan bassoon are the sole cause of subway disabilities in our children"
by MFoxManVA October 23, 2017
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