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a little dirty minded and loves to scream at the tv when playing video games.

Is here to steal your girl but can't steal your girl.
A kind and loving person overall.
Hey Noah !
by MEMEBUGGLES April 16, 2018

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memesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemes and anime 24/7
loves to draw and have a fun time
I heard sofia is watching a new anime
she's always watching a new anime
by MEMEBUGGLES April 16, 2018

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A slang term for a nudist or a nickname for a friend (or enemy) names nadia
"Yo was up n00dis"
by MEMEBUGGLES May 28, 2019

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A name of a kind girl who's sweet and pretty and loves obsessing over bands and tv. (Mostly k pop and Korean dramas )
"Hey Senadi! what's up?"
by MEMEBUGGLES December 02, 2017

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