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Physically awkward being. Has difficulties surrounding recognition and awareness of their limbs in space. Often walks into stationary objects, drops and smashes mugs, trips over their own face, or just falls over for no apparent reason. Has a bizarre looking overall appearance, can often look like they've been hit by a fast-moving vehicle. Own very few shreds of dignity and peers have no respect for them. Typically antisocial (the person who would make no effort to talk or make eye contact with you over lunch or dinner in the canteen). Maths geek. Talking to or associating with them immediately lowers any sort of social class you may have once possessed. The guy whose girlfriend would beat him in an arm wrestle. Anti-normal.
*Andy walks in*

Peer 1: "Hey Andy"
Peer 2: "What are you doing? Don't talk to him, he's anti-normal."
by MCTiBs January 22, 2011
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