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The complete ruiner of hip hop. He brings shame to the name of tupac and Biggie and otha legends. He is a greasy nigger with ugly dreads. He sucks justins cock and is a complete fag. He claims to smoke, but never has. He makes horrible sounds in his raps that sound like a constapated goat trying to shit. He is a cocksucker. All he talks about is how much money and cars and how long his dick is more den everyone else. He ends every line withe motherfucker and has a stupid greasy cackle to fuck it up even more. So basicly, he killed hip hop.
(Lil Wayne freestyling)

Wayne: uh uh yo, yo yoyo uh im a star my dick so long it couldnt fit in da car uh uh it blasted out my pants and hit uh, uh mars

Everyone: BOOOOO

Lil Wayne: Uh my car is shinier than yours motherfuker ur mama uh likes me motherfuker

(Audience grabs him and kicks his ass and throws him out the window)

Lil Wayne (crying): Mommmmmmyyy!!!
by MC rock March 09, 2011
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