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The term "cunning linguist" is a clever play on the word cunnilingus. It is clever for 3 reasons:

1) "Cunning linguist" simply sounds astonishingly similar to cunnilingus.

2) Whoever discovered the phrase "cunning linguist" certainly was one.

3) A "cunning linguist" would have a dexterous mouth, aiding him or her in the act of cunnilingus.

This word play is a triple whammy!
The cunning linguist was adept at cunnilingus and inventing clever phrases.
by MC Mikey September 18, 2007

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A well-known cheat code for the computer games Doom and Doom 2. Entering the code gives the player all keys, all weapons, and full ammunition. It can be entered an unlimited number of times per level to refill ammo.

The cheat code most likely means:

id = id Software
k = keys
fa = full ammo
I can't believe they left the classic Doom cheat codes like idkfa and iddqd out of Doom 3!
by MC Mikey July 02, 2011

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What you type into Google to quickly get to urbandictionary.com.
I can barely type two letters without typoing, so I always type as little as necessary to get to where I'm going.

Google search: urbdict I'm Feeling Lucky
by MC Mikey April 27, 2010

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