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Truth in it's extremist lucidity usually sounds like nonsensical ramblings to the uninitiated. Truth-slang is usually accompanied by extreme drunkenness and is accessed intermittently, more or less so depending on if you are Mark E Smith or Art Garfunkle.
"Burn an' kill whatever ya like tramps will still memorise books init"

"Schopenhauer can blart on all he wants but nigga still pushed a bitch down the stairs, fallibility needs some skin here"

"I'm joking, but not really, but sort of am"

Observer- "Yo Joe! What was the name of that foundry that closed in the 60's"
Truth-Slanger "You see the real question here goes back to the American Civil War and the involvement in that of George Lucas, not so much as in he was in person 'there', but the ideas he uses in his films were apparent at that time and thus we can conclude he was there in spirit if you will. You see the same could be said for The Great Depression and how, in that time, people migrated with hope from the mid-west to California, which bears a striking resemblance when viewed with some objectivity, to the process of convection currents in a room in which air moves from areas of heat to cold as hot air expands and thus fills with more ease the space it has to occupy and is then forced with that overflowing of form in space to occupy a new space that would be cold. The heat in this case would be that of despair brought upon by economic strain. You see when I was a child....'
Observer- 'Fucker's got perspective'
by MC Micky D of G-Fresh Academy April 12, 2010
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