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(Not quite sure what pretense this goes under) A popular phrase used by jackasses in half-assed fake Executive E-mails to de-fame or mock honest people who fight for what's right. The 'Yiddish Cup' insult often goes hand-in-hand with using such popular internet slang as, "LOL", "BTW", and "Pimply-faced maladjusted Preteens", several phrases which often appear in Official Memo's from executives, but only when issuing a stern Cease and Desist order. '1337 speak' is like a second language to most 40-something Executive VP's!

To Note: 'Yiddish Cup' is a licensed property of Ebaums World Inc.; if it were an image, it would have been watermarked already.
1. "In a short time you will be held accountable for the deeds and threats that were aimed at our site and our people. Obviously you have lost possession of your Yiddish cup."
by MBurwell34 January 11, 2006

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